10628) “Would you date her?” “Ew, no! She’s fat. I’d never date a whale like her.” This conversation I overheard about myself in fifth grade has haunted me ever since.

Journal entry…

I feel like I am trapped in a room without doors. There only walls within walls without an exit and I am getting so anxious about it. Stress is beginning to be the only thing I feel these days. Have you ever felt like you are just destined to be a failure? Because that’s how i feel right now. I can’t see a future for my life in any way, like I will always be this big disappointment who can’t do nothing right.

I feel useless, like I’m just wandering around in this world without a true purpose to be living. And there is nothing wrong with wandering around for a while, I guess that’s how you learned and experience most of the best thing life offers but at the same time, if you aren’t careful, you can end up wandering for your entire life. I’m not sure I want to be that person. 

I just really hope that everything that is overwhelming me right disappears as my life starts to take the right direction because I am sacred, no actually terrified of taking the wrong direction.


This episode was golden.

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